About Method Architecture

Method Architecture is a uniquely ego-free architecture firm, committed to a systematic creative process that focuses on clients and their needs first and foremost. Operating with the flexibility of a small firm, but with a big reach, Method is a full-service architecture firm specializing in tenant finish and ground-up projects encompassing industrial, corporate interiors, healthcare, hospitality, breweries, retail and more.

Method Architecture is certified with the City of Austin as a Minority Owned Business. We are also a proud member of the Choctaw Nation Preferred Supplier Program.

Our Services


  • Programming
  • Scheduling/Budgeting
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding and Contract Negotiation


  • Programming
  • Scheduling/Budgeting
  • Space Planning
  • Pricing Drawings
  • Construction Documents
  • Finishes/Furniture Design

& Construction

  • Project Management
  • Site and Land Planning
  • Conceptual Site Layouts
  • High Pile Consulting
  • 3D Renderings
  • LEED/Green Strategies Consulting

Construction Administration

  • Job Site Visits
  • Submittal Review
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Pay Application Review
  • Field Reports
  • RFI Response

Leadership Without the Ego

  • Aldrich, Jasmine
    Jasmine AldrichIntern
  • Allen, Juliet
    Juliet AllenIntern
  • Alvarenga, Lesle
    Lesle AlvarengaDesigner
  • Banda, Melissa
    Melissa BandaDesigner
  • Bettcher, Ashley
    Ashley BettcherDesigner
  • Blanco, Alexis
    Alexis BlancoDesigner
  • Brewer, Abby
    Abby BrewerDesigner
  • Choo, Gina
    Gina ChooDesigner
  • Clutter, Abel
    Abel ClutterDesigner
  • Covert, Diane
    Diane CovertProject Manager
  • de la Mancha, Saul
    Saul de la ManchaDesigner
  • De Los Santos, Megan
    Megan De Los SantosProposal Coordinator
  • Donaldson, Jake
    Jake DonaldsonManaging Principal
  • Donaldson, Nancy
    Nancy DonaldsonSpecial Projects
  • Fantoni, Gina
    Gina FantoniDesigner
  • Gaitan, Danny
    Danny GaitanStudio Manager - Buildings
  • Garza, Ricardo
    Ricardo GarzaDesigner
  • Gomez, Irving
    Irving GomezDesigner
  • Gonzales, Angel
    Angel GonzalesStudio Manager - Buildings
  • Gonzalez, Rogelio
    Rogelio GonzalezDesigner
  • Gozzo, Valerie
    Valerie GozzoDesigner
  • Hamilton, Sonja
    Sonja HamiltonAdministrative Assistant
  • Heft, Hunter
    Hunter HeftIntern
  • Heim, Delanie
    Delanie HeimDesigner
  • Holley, Keith
    Keith HolleyPrincipal
  • Hudson, Eric
    Eric HudsonPrincipal
  • Iglesias, Luis Carlos
    Luis Carlos IglesiasDesigner
  • Infante, Betzy
    Betzy InfanteStudio Manager - Landlord Services Interiors
  • Jackson, Camille E.
    Camille E. JacksonDesigner
  • Johnston, Ashley
    Ashley JohnstonDesigner
  • Kapple, Nick
    Nick KappleDesigner
  • Krenek, Candace
    Candace KrenekDesigner
  • Lantier, Jason
    Jason LantierDesigner
  • Leon, Jonathan
    Jonathan LeonStudio Manager - Buildings
  • Leung, Calvin
    Calvin LeungQA/QC Manager
  • Lopez, Aldo
    Aldo LopezDesigner
  • Malonda, Ana
    Ana MalondaDesigner
  • Martin, Charlotte
    Charlotte MartinDesigner
  • Mays, Catrice
    Catrice MaysAccounting Coordinator
  • McDonald, Jessica
    Jessica McDonaldHuman Resources Manager
  • Mclemore, Melvalean
    Melvalean MclemoreDesigner
  • Mohammed, Nadia
    Nadia MohammedDesigner
  • Ortega, Vanessa
    Vanessa OrtegaPrincipal
  • Pasche, Melissa
    Melissa PascheAccounting Manager
  • Ragsdale, Mac
    Mac RagsdalePrincipal Consultant
  • Reisinger, Halie
    Halie ReisingerMarketing Coordinator
  • Rorie, Katherine
    Katherine RorieStudio Manager - Architectural Interiors
  • Rye, Jacqueline
    Jacqueline RyeStudio Manager - Buildings
  • Saladiner, Michael
    Michael SaladinerDesigner
  • Schultz, Hannah
    Hannah SchultzAdministrative Assistant
  • Sedillo, Abel
    Abel SedilloProject Manager
  • Smith, Sarah
    Sarah SmithDesigner
  • Stavinoha, Melissa
    Melissa StavinohaDesigner
  • Terry, Kimberly
    Kimberly TerryDesigner
  • Trent, Betty
    Betty TrentPrincipal Consultant
  • Vásquez, Jesse
    Jesse VásquezDesigner
  • Williams, Corryn
    Corryn WilliamsCommunications & Marketing Manager
  • Zarazua, Sonia
    Sonia ZarazuaAccounting Coordinator