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Each month we look to highlight one of our employees and the great work that they’ve done here at Method!

Patricia is a project manager working in Method’s Austin office! Patricia is a native of Austin, born and raised!

Check out our latest catch up with Patricia:

What first interested you in architecture?
Funny.  Applying for college I had to check a major on my college application.  I had NO IDEA so I read through them and thought, which doesn’t sound the worst?  So I checked the architecture box.  Sort of stumbled into it but I love it. I think it was a great fit because I have always loved making things and I come from a creative family.

What is your favorite current project?
All my elevator projects.  It is something new.  I am learning all the details, terms and ins and outs of elevators.  The only minus is that now when I step on an elevator I am evaluating how safe it is and also have elevator nightmares!

What past project are your most proud of and why?
Not one in particular BUT I am proud to have been a part of building the Forsyth County Animal Shelter in Winston-Salem, NC.  It was a gratifying project because we got the chance to move the animals from a dark building under the interstate to a beautiful, new, fun building where people would want to come visit and adopt them.  The day after I attended the ribbon cutting I went back and adopted my kitty Zelda.  The name inspiration was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s crazy wife Zelda and she is as crazy as her namesake!

What do you most enjoy about being part of #TeamMethod?
I love the flexible work atmosphere.  That we aren’t driven by the clock but by the project/client needs!

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies and things to do?
I always have at least 2 craft projects going.  It’s a way to relax and a great way to make one of a kind presents for family and friends! I love to learn how to make new things.  Last year I learned jewelry wire wrapping and this year Sonja taught me how to make my own LED circuit!

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