From ground-up design and construction to renovation and code compliance, Method Architecture’s teams can complete the most challenging industrial projects. These specialized uses place a high requirement on the architect’s understanding and experience with both the client’s operations and code compliance.

We have designed a large number of spaces ranging from 15,000 SF to  5,000,000 SF including multi-building campuses. Whether it is industrial, distribution, manufacturing or high-tech, Method Architecture has extensive experience with industrial projects.

36 is the new 32: Increasing Clear Height for Maximum Efficiency

With the rise of e-commerce and increased need for logistics centers, the industrial real estate market has seen a movement toward taller clear heights for increased warehouse efficiency.

Manufacturing / Heavy Industrial

These facilities are intended to house specialized equipment used to produce goods or materials. They typically have three-phase high capacity, electric power, these properties might also include heavy ductwork, pressurized air or water lines, buss ducts, high capacity ventilation and exhaust systems, floor drains, storage tanks and cranes.

Warehouse / High-Pile Storage

These buildings range from 50,000 to hundreds of thousands of square feet in one single-story structure used mainly for warehousing and distributing business inventory. They also have up to 60-foot ceilings, as well as numerous loading docks, truck doors, and large parking lots to accommodate semi-trailers. They may have a small amount of office space and may be served by rail cars.


These buildings are typically stocked piled with goods to be redistributed out to retailers, wholesalers, or directly to consumers.  With such a large range of supplies, the buildings can be as large as 50,000 to 500,000+ square feet. They have receiving docks, large storage areas, shipping dock and large parking lots for semi-trailers, along with more specialized areas depending on the building.

Refrigeration | Cold Storage

These industrial properties are equipped to hold a large capacity of cold storage and/or freezer space, and are typically a distribution center for food products.

Flex Industrial

This building type is capable of housing wide range of uses, often more than one in a single facility, including office space, research and development, showroom retail sales, light manufacturing research and development, and even small warehouse and distribution uses. They typically feature a higher amount of office space than other industrial property types.

Telecom & Data Centers

These highly specialized industrial buildings are located close to major communications trunk lines to allow for access to large and redundant power supplies capable of powering extensive computer servers and telecom switching equipment. They typically have reinforced floor slabs to support the weight of the equipment, as well as backup generators and specialized HVAC to keep equipment cool for optimal performance.

We work with all types of companies, from large global corporations to startups.  No matter the type or size of the company, Method Architecture will design a space that fits the needs of today and into tomorrow.  Method has worked to include many green technologies, including LEED certification, that help our clients save energy and money.


HBJ Industrial Landmark Award


Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Urban Land Institute

NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association


Bayport North Logistic Center II
Bayport North Logistic Center II

TOTAL SIZE:  233,190 SF

Sheldon Rd.
Sheldon Rd.

TOTAL SIZE:  50,000 SF

Cedar Port
Cedar Port

TOTAL SIZE:  341,020 SF


TOTAL SIZE:  203,402 SF

Eisenhauer Point
Eisenhauer Point

TOTAL SIZE:  336,167 SF

Park North Building 5
Park North Building 5

TOTAL SIZE:  100,029 SF